Covid,... 19th gear ⛮ to prosperity.

Covid,... 19th gear  ⛮         2 prosperity.

t was new year I determined to up my Grades
Then news hits the world fist to bricks. Oh Great.

Nations of the world dug more Graves.

Poor us, vulnerable eggs in Crates.

I hear neighbors voice their Regrets
So many things they've Procrastinate.

Like casting fishing Nets
We're caught up deep to the Chests.

Now we wear masks even back in our Nests,
We do it from rise to Sunsets.

This reality started march 31st.

Every family toast it's Breads
Indoors following guidelines via Internets,
Just like patients on Meds.

Dis year 2020 Mad'o!

Di whole wide world economy on Hold.

Plenty pipo sey e don over, some give up Hope.

I busy inside gallery de paint Gold.

E get wetin i learn fo dis matter as a Whole.
Lyf no depend on di certificate wey you Hold.
Wetin really matter na di tin wey you Know.

As di world dey de feel Cold,
I busy de turn dust to Gold.

Complaints dey every Street,

My hands dey busy Still.

I've set up my goals for 2020,

Even though she's breaking faster than Biscuit,
I'm soft enough to go through the Twist.

If necessity is the mother of Creativity,

Covid is the 19th gear i cruised to Prosperity.

Have you learned nothing since this Lock Down?

Here's a charity for you I've Penned Down.

Blaijizic 4🐝 Adeyomo

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