African Child

African Child
African child if you get life you get plenty hope. Never give up there is plenty hope, our history is on the making 2X (X2)

Children in the rain no place of abode, starving day and night maltreated every moment. Struggling to survive. Africa where are you? See them pon the streets now hardened and helpless, looking so confused filled with evil thoughts every moment. Na who we go come blame now? Africa where are you? Do you ever care what they want? do you ever care how they feel? Do you ever care for real? Africa, Ohai! Mekwi give a special care to...

Do you sit sometimes and wonder if you were in their shoes, would you tell me exactly how would you feel?
Can you hear the voice down the valley crying so hard? Can you see sincerity in the face of this one?
Africa we need your help.
Africa we need your care.
Africa we need your love.
Africa, Ohai, mekwi give a special care to...

Anyway, I see a vision I-frican child is wearing a smile. African child have suffered so far to survive.
Reason for the African child to put a smile, give African education to the African child.
We hustle and puzzle you self know sey we try our knees to feets, our dreams to come fix.
I-frikan child is the seed.
I-very blade of grass,
I-very rock in the river,
I-very grain of sand,
I-very beautiful smile,
Me love di whole of I-frika.
So beautiful I-frika.
Instead of bombing and looting just give a likkle education to the African child mi seh.

#Ohai, no harmony just lyrics. Feel every inch of this in every part of your body. No rhyming and no rhythm sometimes that's the only thing that I'm feeling. Now listen, what's good for the goose is also good for the gander. I slept in Nigeria and i woke in Wakanda. And now i get this uncontrollable love for Rwanda šŸ‡·šŸ‡¼. Ohai Jeezeek coming through with another one, African child

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