Wealthy beggars

But how can that be when we are constantly complaining about the abnormality of the life that we living?

Have you ever had a thought on the small things we do in our daily activities that has helped redirect our lives into crashing with some unpleasant experiences? Like when a woman will instruct her 2 years old baby to her neighbor to,
"go tell brother mek e gih you money to buy biscuit".
Little does she know that she's actually impacting her baby with begging attitud even before it ever knows the definition of wants!

This way and the likes we have succeeded in creating numerous societies (across the nation) full of boys, girls, youths, men, women,
who cannot go a day without begging for even that which is not essential to their lives.
And worst is we are still teaching the infants and the sucklings how to beg.

I have come across a countless number of people who despite having all and enough, soon as they cross paths with you they'd ask you to find them something. Thus: "anything for me?", even when they don't really have the need to.

But why?

What happened to our pride, privacy, dignity and integrity? Better still what has happened to our shy nature? Like aren't i ashamed of walking up to someone who's earnings are way below mine, and ask them for the stupidest thing like:

"buy me drink na, since me and you know i never chop fo ya hand".

You don't even have idea what that individual could be facing. They may be struggling at the time.

I beg us (Nigerians in particular) to please make this little amend that could be of benefits to the children we breed, because what we do today becomes normal to them tomorrow.

We did not inherit this world from our ancestors, we actually are borrowing it from our descendants! What we make of this world today is that which they must deal with tomorrow.                                                   #Ohai

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