But Why?


It is funny finding out that we all are guilty of the same thing and it's a global phenomenon. 

#Ohai, in this song #But_why?, Blaijizic is intended to drive a softer way of correcting friend's intentional or unintentional misdeeds. 
Note: in our today's world people don't like being corrected in the old language like 
"don't be stupid", 
"stop it", 
"you are wrong",
"that's not fair", and the likes.

Searching for a replacement, a more softer and a simpler way,
one that will actually not hurt but still make the person in question feel that sense of self-correctness, suggestive is the simple but million dollar question... 


     Whatever it is i am doing and someone suddenly asks me softly #But_why? I'd be forced to pause ⏯️ and think if really i am doing the right thing or not ❗🤔

It's a question that would make one think, calculate and recalculate to be certain they not wronging anyone by what they doing. 😉 ♥. 

(OK okay, i go de call you later. No P, Thanks for calling) 
Na who you dey follow talk to? 
(how dat one tek be your business?) 
Oh e don reach when you go de ask me how e tek be my business ba? 
(when you de call dem your girls i de complain? Abeg na jealousy de worry you.) 
Kom e don tey wey you de disrespect me fo dis hass wey we dey i just de watch you. 
(abeg i no get your time... You no go lyk am guy) 

You dey lyk to do piipo something wey you no go tolerate if dem do to you.
Mek you jump enter dat pesin shoe
Mek you feel just di way e be am too. 2X.
I see you with D'flirt  last 9t fo club de dance de flex, you sey no be my guy.
But when i sey Basira na my friend, you huh-huh.
I no supposed get bestie fo lyf? 🤔
(shey you see! Na who fess introduce ya fren, no be you? 
Sey mek i catch di fun 
Sey you go like to run
Go see somebody you been meet fo Rome.)
Shey you see ya lyf?
You see na by yourself you de reveal your lies?
Babe,ke, ki mance ai tun 19no calendar muka ce wa irin lyf din can bye-bye.
You be my paddy wey no support di ministry 
But fo ya mouth my money is sweeting
And iffa vex fo you body no go sweet me
Cos na my matter dem go discus fo titi.

Mekwi de check 
123 undress 
Paw-paw, pan mattress 
Get up and dress. 
No single emotion shey if na you dem do dsem to you no go vex? 

(You no de brush ya teeth 
Na you de lyk to kiss,
You no sabi sey ya mouth de ish?) 

Nigganattu, babe to a nigger
In ka ce kana ji da kanka ta fi ka.
Na so my fone de ring di oda day. You stretched ya hand pick am lyk sey i no dey.
I pass my neighbor, bros your music e too loud.
Compound pikin no fit sidon fo ya frontage.
Before dem gather finish you don carry cane.
Now you de beg me to go dispose your garbage wey be sey you no sabi tell pesin sey kom tek.


Chinedu tell Challie secret. 
Challie sef carry tell Tony secret.
Tony carry come trust me with secret.
You trust me. 
I trust my girl.
Everybody get e trusted aboki.
If dat ya matter na secret abeg kukuma keep am to yasef, no kom tempt me.
Shey you de get? 
But why?         Ohai! 

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