Fallen heroes

Protest took a beautiful turn as 
"heroes of our time" were honored all over the country by the young Nigerians who have not been sleeping over the course of the protest.

People were seen flashing candles lights in all protest grounds at night 
And a very long list was called of the names of those who have met their ends at the hands of the SARS operatives while still innocent and unarmed.

It was a sober moment when attendance-like-list was called and all the youths present shouts "hero" after each name. I could not hold my tears šŸ˜­ 

The dreaded things of all is the fact that some of these people were killed by the police at a peaceful protest against the police brutality.   

It is a Nigerian adage that says
"who no go, no go know"
You must be there to fully grasp what went on. 
...until the day you lose a loved one, you may never truly understand why the other person is crying. 

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