Lekki Toll gate

It is no longer news to hear contradictory statement released from the Nigerian authorities. After their negligence and or incompetence has caused great losses.

Moments like this is when every official in the authority tries to defend themselves. So they release statements that surprises even eye witnesses.

Denial and blame games is the norm. 
A country where government never ever take responsibility for it's actions and decisions. 

In the above video collection there is also a Instagram live recording where people's responses and reactions were still pouring in.

And yet the Military through the Defense spokesperson. Major General John Enenche. Denied the authenticity of the information. Claims that is "photoshopped". 

I wonder how they intend to hide facts such as the dead bodies and the injured people lying in hospitals. 

How then do you expect the people to keep keeping calm and believing the authority that's incapable of accepting it's responsibilities in difficult situations like this one where lives of well meaning young and vibrant people is taken.

Do you think we should continue to trust such people even at the expense of our lives? 

Please let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

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