Delivered as promised. The earth is filled with life and life is full of promises. But you gotta be determined to see it clearly.

Blaijizic has made a promising vow to never bow bellow knees level no matter what type of a year life brings our way, and I'm hoping you doing better too, if not great. 

The plan is to give you something to change your life, inspire you or make you enter the groovy mood. Whatever you do just make sure within you there's a "positive good". And we'll all be fine in due time. 

This sound ▶️Murder
 is the kind of tune that gets your body vibrating and even exciting already while anticipating the rich peak of the show.

Ohai, you check it out let's get the groove. ▶️Murder

Okay! (laughs) If yuh bloodclart still deh out deh get yur rasclart bum-bum in here suh. And if yuh ready deh a club jump up en put up yur hands in di air-

Tell everybody we back in di place en we come ya fi dweet.
Tell everybody we back in di club en we come ya fi rock it. (2x).

Murder 3x WE rock it. 
Murder 3x We kill it. 

                         VERSE 1:
Was initially som'thgn too quick, but, 
Listen what i said to Linch, if
it is worth it so why don't we dweet?
Yeah, Linch, why don't we dweet? 
And di oracle smiled at me
and say "if you want it so why don't we dweet?
Cos my only duty is give you da beat
but you are the murderer go on and kill it". 
Too many levels in this industry.
If you feeling the heat
Piiipul, go ahead put off your shirts.
B. L. A. I. J. I. Z. I. C,

Murder 3x, We rock it. 
Murder 3x, We kill it.
                { x2 } 
                          VERSE 2:
Dem ah go rush go pick di M. I. C
How dem fi chat outta L. I. N. E
Hold on now if yuh nuh M. I. N. D
Miek me get through with M. I. N. E
Cyaa cool fyah weh deh in M. E
Music has given me reason to live
Over di world like i am pandemic
Haters be eying me basically.
When di money kum en di fame, 
Remember di struggle not di pain
Cah mi knuh seh noth'gn stay di same
In a battle bullets never care
Dem will catch yuh any side yud deh. 
Jeezeek a mi niem! 
You think a game?
Lyrical Flame
In every genre we blend.
Mess with the best
Die like the best.
Cah mi ear seh yur horn grow
An yuh gwaan like yuh blow
So kum kom marsh it up suh. 
See mi lyrics a chop lakka saw. 

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