Police siding with thugs

In the heat of the ongoing #EndSARSprotest in Nigeria. Police trucks are seen dropping off armed thugs who matched the streets attack and killing peaceful protesters.
Later on in the video clip you will see heavily endowed vehicles picking up the thugs and also in busses away from a done scene. 

Recall a day a go that the obviously hired thugs had gone to present their proposal to the Nigerian police to either cleans the streets of the #EndSARS protesters within a specific time frame or they themselves will attack the protesters. 

One of them who was apprehended by the protesters confessed to have been hired for the sum of 5 hundred naira. The equivalent of $1 plus a few cents. To go kill the #EndSARS protesters if only to stop the protest from gaining global attention.

This is a clear indication that the Nigerian politicians are never going to fulfill even the least of their promises to the masses for the betterment of the nation. 

This evening it is also recorded at the lekki Toll gate how the Nigerian Army fired shots at the protesters killing and injuring at least a body. Just after removing the CCTV cameras and sky-lights at the Toll gate so their planned evil acts on the protesters wouldn't be captured on cameras nor would there be enough lighting for smart phones to capture it all. Yet, technology is a better bitch than a snitch.

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