Prison Break

nlike the popular Hollywood movie "prison break" this one has no tattooing maps to read and no prison worders and federal or state police on the Chase. The prisoners are seen running out on the streets with shorts pants and no shirts on. 
See video herešŸ‘‡ 

In Edo state it is said that the #EndSARS protesters had stormed the premises and set free the prisoners. But the previous video clip suggests that the prisoners were already on their own running on the rooftops of the prison even while the protesters still looked for the entrance gate. šŸ¤” 

They are heard telling the prisoners to jump down and go their way. But the baffling question is 'where is any of the worders, prison guards, police, or officials who were supposed to be guarding the premises and it's environs? Aren't they supposed to be seen either making a stand or fleeing the scene at the time the protesters arrived? šŸ¤”

Well, that is a question only them can answer. Before i make it seems like someone has conspired to make it look like the protest is taking a violent turn and therefore giving the authority a happy reason to use harsh methods on the innocent protesters nationwide, who clearly has no hands in what Edo merry thugs decide to do with the opportunity. 

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