Should the looting continue?

Since when did looting becomes a punishable offense in Nigeria?
Is it because the poor man is the one in the picture?

This country has so far recorded an overwhelming, unmemorable accounts of looting. Public funds that are meant for national building often end up in the private pockets of the office holders. Those in whom hands we trust our nation have always reduced her to poverty, out of greed.

Of what difference does it makes when the dieing masses make discovery of the relief materials meant to be disbursed to them still banked up in warehouses with no info or memo for distribution. And decided to start first by surviving. In order to live long enough to be around when the relevant authorities decides to start sharing. If they do decide to share. Ever?

As far as this country is concerned,
when the law strikes, it is the poor that feels the blow.

Last thing i remember, even the police man's salary cannot buy him a bag rice, yams, oil, and garri that'll carry his family through to another month.
In that case;.. 

Should the looting continue?

Drop your opinion in the comments section let us know. 

As for me, if anybody knows where their state warehouse for the Covid 19 palliatives meant for the poor masses are kept, please do good to inform the people of the address so that they can avoid plying the root. If you innerstand you are good. šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜Ž 

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