Stop shooting at the crowd!

oldier straighten police officer for letting his men shoot at the people.

I honestly believe police officers who are not trained to contain crisis should not be sent out in situations like this. 

Because come to think about it. If they see an approaching crowd the only thing that'll cross their minds is self defense. And the only weapon they have and ever know is the rifle in their hands. They will use it without a second thought because after all there isn't any second thought: they don't have

📍combat skills
📍Rubber bullets
Or all the modern handy/techniques tools to use in neutralizing an approaching crowd. 
Nor do they have the patience and professionalism to talk a person/people down. 
Neither do they get such courses timely. (because it is proven in how they've handled situations recently).

As a police officer if you have been deployed to go cub crisis such as this one and without appropriate tools except for the guns, do use your head (number 6). Use your initiative. Be creative. Improvise. 
Remember after the operation you will be called to answer questions and that is when all blames will seat in your head as if you weren't working with another man's order. 

No one will accept that they ordered you to kill. It will be you. And you alone to blame.

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