Where was SARS?

In April 2020. At the very heat of the Covid 19 lock down. There was tension rising in local communities in Lagos suburbs and nearby states. Which raised intense concern and social unrest.

Hoodlums attacked locals in their houses, rubbing them for food and property. 

I remembered how it was the youth of several communities that formed urgent vigilante groups and guarded all entrance, exits, nooks and creeks of their communities making campfires every single night. While the wealthy class and business owners enjoyed sleep in the comfort of their homes. 

There was no SARS in sight in our local community. 

The youth watched their communities all night long every night. Burning tires and befriending mosquitoes 
While the SARS enjoy the privilege of the daylight to kill and take from unarmed citizens of Nigeria. Tax payers for that matter. 

Now you should know why the youth are embittered,..

📍When the Armed Robbers come visiting you will not see the SARS.

📍When Unknown gunmen come shooting you will not see the SARS.

📍When Herdsmen Starts butchering you will not see the STARS.

📍When scammer heats bank account and steal money SARS will not follow up.

📍When Kidnappers come pick you SARS will not go get you back.


📌When your business starts paying that's when the SARS will show up.

📌When you get beef with a powerful neighbor that's when the SARS will show up.

📌When you buy yourself a laptop, iPhone or gadgets that's when SARS will show up.

📌When you buy yourself a nice car that's when SARS will show up.

📌When you make yourself a fancy hairdo that's when SARS will show up.

📌When you draw a beautiful tattoo that's when SARS will show up wearing their own tattoo and fancy hairdo.with long, painted beard and sometimes with masks on. Looking like armed robbers... 

And they have not come to arrest you. They will shoot and kill you. 

And that is the reason why SARS has become useless and needs to be rid of!

If not insanity, how will a sworn security personnel go about in rugged dressings, shooting unarmed citizens and even taking away their cars, cell phones, money, and other property? What happened to arrest and justice ⚖ systems? 

They have turned our streets into a war-like-zone, so tell me why wouldn't youth start to fall in love with violence and guns? 

Even so, the Nigerian Youth has proven to be of higher intelligence than the authorities in the land:

📌No leader. Yet the #EndSARS protest has been highly coordinating.

📌Giving and sharing with each other like the government of powerful nations did for their citizens during the Covid 19 lock down. Something the Nigerian government couldn't do even after receiving a whooping amount from well meaning Nigerians for the purpose. 😜

The youth. Actors. Artiste. Musicians. Comedians. Bloggers. And all kinds of celebrities stood by the Nigerian citizens during this difficult time and did a lot of giveaway online and in the streets to keep people fed and going still. 

📌Even without a leader or a speaker, their voices and message is one and clear. 

📌With no national treasury nor borrowed loans, funds have been raised and the needy supplied for. 

What else is supposed to be called a country? Love? Unity? Nation? Sovereignty? Success? Progress? Or Development? 

Go in the middle of the #EndSARS protesters (lekki Toll gate for instance. In Lagos State) there you'll see the definition of a nation at peace and unity, loving, respecting and helping each other. 

Youth's Nation 🇳🇬 #Ohai 

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