CoverDead. Though inevitable, we still haven't found the mind to beat and bare the pains and tears of it's (most times) sudden occurrence and the shock that it mostly brings us.

The song 3T-D ▶️
as arranged by Blaijizic 28 minutes after receiving the call and being told that he had just lost his Step-mother, is an unfiltered expression of the way we feel when bereaved.

You feel a sudden shock which almost certainly is followed by a recall and reminiscents of all the activities, events and memories of/with the deceased.

You suddenly begin to remember every moment shared with them. And you feel a sense of guilt where you wronged them.
Happy where you did alright by them.

And then you start to imagine what would be if it were to be you who's dead 🤔

Well, there are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, their light still remains 🌟
Mama Laraba Bahago was such a greater heroine that she's deposited her light in numerous people at numerous times.

Mama was a breathing library for all who knew her.

This is an open(not limited to) tribute to her. Play here 3T-D ▶️

She was my Step-Mom.

Rest In Power mama, till we meet again.
Adieu mama.




Well they say life and death are miseries, And we are energy. We only changes forms, Energy never dies. As you journey beyond our eye's vision we say Rest In Power till we meet again.


We lost you just the time we need you most
How come we never think of you leaving us
The minute you gone is the minute we know
How painful to say Adieu 2x.

============VERSE 1:==========

The character formation
And the loving that you gave us
The promise for protection
En historic information
We never wished or
Think you would soon leave us.


===========VERSE 2:===========

You preached the gospel
Thought us to humble
Teached us self value
From childhood
There is a mega library in you
For verybody who knew you.


===========VERSE 3:===========

Please, i beg you not to tell me not to cry
Cos even if i try my tears no go dry
If you were in the sky
Aswear i would've tried to fly,
To try to beg you to come back to live.
(sobbing) why do you have to go so soon (😢 😢😢😢) why do you leave I en I en I en I en I (😭😭😭😭) oh why? 😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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