As the months grow past and turned into years, I thought about my lover.
I hate that she hasn't come back.
I sometimes hate her.
Hated her like a child hates a fallen hero.

📌I hate her for her failure to realize her unlimited potentials.

📌I hate her because i can see everything that is wonderful about her,
how brilliant,
how beautiful she is,
and how she has turned her back on everything that she could have been.

📌I hate the way she cast me off like a wedding gown she bought with a huge sum of money and never wore it.

📍And i love her for everything as well.
📍I see her efforts,
📍i pity her, 
📍i am worried about her everyday.
📍I adore her and despised her.

I still remember how it feels to deep kiss her.
To lay down beside her,
play with her,
gist with her,
eat together with her.💘

How it feels to be hugged by her,
and to be comforted by her.💟

There is a vacuum in my heart left by my lover.💣

When i think of her a tsunami of emotion always welled and crashed within me.💔

Wherever you are reading this from,
Go date anybody you could. 
Get married,
bare kids,
grow old. 
Die and be buried...
I will still be loving you...143.

💟My love for you is FOREVER

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