I have never seen a church or God rejecting money because they thinking that the catch could be demonic

When the blessings comes your way you don't have to worry from whence it cometh. Your duty is not to probe it's origin, your responsibility is to see that you Make it count

Blaijizic has voiced for you a reminder of what blessing is like and what could make someone let their blessings pass them by.

Play this song Press Play▶️see if you can make it count #Ohai



Ohai, feel the rain on your skin, feel the pain. It's a sunny day. No one else would do your laundry for you, it's your duty to do them. So go out there and be so smart and try to do it well. 


When di blessing start to come,
yuh don't have to worry where it burst from come. 
Just open up yur arms and mek ah sure yuh miek dat blessing count. 2x.

***********Verse 1:*************

Everybody dey pray to be great, 
The struggle na for real. 
I trust sey you no fit surrender.
You want to reap the grain. Ohai,
I gi yuh money an yuh asking where i get it from, Shebi you ready to kollet abi you wan form?
I never seen a church or God rejecting money cos they thinking that the catch could be demonic.
Blessing na blessing, 
Blessing fit kom your way disguising. 
Feel the happiness after giving, 
Nowadays Everybody busy do the taking.
The people you hate and think them enemy
Could be the same people to bring you remedy.
Know how to appreciate everybody,
Your helper fit still be your enemy


***************Verse 2:***********

You feel hurt 
You feel pain 
And you don't even believe life is fair
But i swear
It's out there 
You just gat to go grab your share.
I can't overemphasize for you the need to work hard every night and day. 
Live doesn't give what you deserve 
Live only gives up what you can take. 
Rixpek to di man dem weh knuh how fi dweet
En aal di man dem weh no knuh how fi quit 
Lawd of mercy, i don't know who am talking to right now but you can't retreat!
If someone can do it 
Then amma bet say you too can doooo it. 
You can ask the universe for signs
But it only gives you something you signed.


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