There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, their light still remains
Mama Laraba Bahago, until death was a native of Samban gida in jaba local government area of kaduna state. Nigeria. 

She died in the early hours of Thursday 28th January, 2021. After series of brief illness 
And was buried on 13th February, 2021 in her hometown Samban Gida in Southern Kaduna. 

Leaving behind

šŸ“Grandchildren and 

Aged 92 (1929 - 2021). As at the time of death mama was still a farmer.

Mama was that kind of person you couldn't separate from the farm works she's grown up doing and loving.

There has never been before, any kind of luxury you could convince mama with to make her divorce farming. 
Mama was a very jovial person. Loves to make people laugh a lot.

It once happened that armed men stormed mama's building and tried to rub it when mama pleaded with them to grant her a moment to speak...

Baps! Mama started talking gesturing towards heaven and saying...

"There Jesus Christ, if you are up there then you already know what's going on down here right now. 
I just wanna tell you to start getting ready to welcome me cos I'm on my way home to you. Will be with you any slight moment from now..."

Boom! Arm-robbers burst into laughter and the rubbery aborted by it's coordinators. 

She derived pleasure in helping other people solve their problems. 

A lot could be said about mama and we'll still not crack up to half her profile.

The video below is her burial ceremony. It says a lot about it all...


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