In this song Set and okay
Your humble honest artiste Blaijizic did paint words, to beautifully justify a single guy's moves on his best, female friend, who at the moment happened to be in the same shoe as himself. 

It is not surprise that in some cases in time, life seems a little tricky, that you could be very close to the one person  you have always wanted and or prayed for and yet not be quick to recognize them. 

If you were to find out all of a sudden, that your best friend of opposite sex is fully packed with the qualities you desire from a lover, what would you do? 



(Phone rings) "Hello, good morning..."

************Verse 1:***********

Good morning flowers, how you doing today, 
I hope you up and strong?
You are a beauty, girl. 
Girl good morning, how you doing today? Said that i hope you up and strong? 
Cos you are a beauty. 
Truly i love you girl, you are a beauty (girl) 2x

Because i know say you go love me somedays i love you girl, 
I know say you go hug me someday girl i love you.
I know say you go kiss me somedays i love you baby. 
And i know say you go bare my kids girl i love you. 
Girl i love you baby. 


And if you cannot Buy the words to say 
Just wear a smile pon that pretty face
Giggling sound makes me innerstand between us everything is set and okay 2x.

********VERSE 2.*********

The first thing i said, (cute you) 
"Cute you. Right?". 
Then i became so curious. 
You terrorize my mind. 
You don't care to know how serious. 
Set my soul on fire.
I swear this is true enough 
I am really ready to get burned for the one i love. 

You my friend, 
You my bestie
The only person that i innerstand.

I have fallen short of grace, 
I even fell short of words. 
But the ultimate thing that has happened to me is falling in love.
With you i am happy baby!!


***********Verse 3:**********

Girl, you are a heart-stabber. 
E be lyk you no know you be my heart-Robber. 
Would be crime to go looking for another lady When Nature carry you for mouth kom dey smile gimme. 
Girl how long since i met you doesn't really matter now.
Those lightening beams in your eyes tells how beautiful you are.

You're classic. 
You're beautiful. 
You are my only desire too.
You beautiful outside. 
You powerful inside. 
Your heart is as kind as you're fine is true
I love you! 
Ohai, i truly do. 
Be my baby, please! please!! Please!!! 

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