As the industry evolves so does the artiste improvise.

Blaijizic just made a point...
In the world we live in now people cope differently; some with that kind of music and some with this kind of music. But at the end of the day we all get our healings.

... A artiste who's versetile can happily love and be loved by a few but quality people from anywhere in the world. We all have our naughty sides as well as shy sides. Las las na still our reality's gospel our lives dey preach. 
I love you because you are real and not a hypocrite. We are family. #Ohai


Girl aswear,
Your toto sweet me pass Sunday Rice
I no go fit to, ah! 
I no fit share you like a sunrise.

==========Verse: 1=========
Babe am coming over 
You gon let me cum inside ya
Tell me to stay over 
You said I'm your only lover.
I love how we fuck each other 
From the floor to the bath to the sofa. 
Mama, you've got the sweetest pussy 
I fucked recently ever. 
Made me cum once, cum twice 
Cum three, multiple times. 
Who be dat guy wey wan try? 
Tel am mek eem go pack one side! 
Fo dis game we di mosthigh
If dem argue mek dem go kpai.
Girl hunger don strike, 
Ready to feed the savage tonight.
With you i find peace
You give the best treats
How could i want to share this?
Girl aswear sey. 


==========Verse: 2========
 I love 'em days we spent together naked in bed, 
Watching movies drinking coffee and having sex.
Two times or ten times no counting nobody cares. 
I love to lick your clit
Climb up to your lips for a kiss.
How you soak ma dick
We be 69 we addict.
I will never promise you car or flight tickets or a trip to Qatar but fo sake of sey you dey try
i pledge to you my loyalty no detar.
If ah smoke cigar.
You smoke shisha sing song
I play guitar.
You my queen 
Your body too clean mekwi fuck dirty on a daily.
Girl aswear sey. 


Early in the morning
Love how you keep on yearning
Sweet sounds you making as you moaning 
Every time we do the morning glory
It feels good when we hook
Fuck me sweeter than anybody could. 
Girl aswear, 
ah no fit share you lyk the sun. 

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